Brand : Bob Brown

No More Excuses

E. lopez |

A book that is true to its title!

After reading this book there really shouldn't be any more excuses. the book is easy to read and easy to follow. it contains all of the essential information necessary for beginners to successfully and safely navigate through a gym (almost like a handbook). the author provides the tools for working towards an active/healthy lifestyle. the testimonials,life experiences,and touch of humor are the "hook" that keep you engaged and interested.

Spunky101 |

Finally, a health book that makes sense and is fun to read!

I thought this book was great. finally a book that incorporates deep research, experience, technical explanations that i could actually understand and common sense. i like how the author stresses technique, with accompanying pictures that i could actually follow. he is able to simply explain how to use good nutrition with a variety of strength and conditioning workouts in a way that i could follow and do without the help of a personal trainer. he also includes stretching options to really round out an already comprehensive program. the book is very well organized so implementing his plan is easy. plus, his writing style is very loose and fun. i wish i had this book 20 years ago. i have bought a copy for my family members and close friends.