Brand : Elizabeth Gaskell

North and South

Mary |

If you like austin you'll like this

I saw the pbs movie first and loved it. if you enjoy books written in the 1800's like austin, the brontes, etc you will enjoy this one. if you've seen the movie this will give you so much more insight to the characters. besides the price is right.

Oldmom |

Good read of mid 19th century social life

I think mrs. gaskell did not get her just due at the time this book came out. if i have read correctly, she was a parson's wife, but she certainly was ahead of her time in many issues. i'm going to try to find all her works and get through them all. bright woman who should be studied by anyone who is interested in social issues. also, it was a nice love story. read it after i watched the bbc four part series based on the book. both are great, if a little different.

Deborah davis |

Wonderful period piece

Wow can you believe this classic is free! i think it is perhaps more powerful than pride and prejudice and certainly watching the bbc program makes it so. it is a heartbreaking story with so much sadness i thought i could not possibly like it. the hero mr thornton is equal to mr rochester of jane eyre and even more opinionated and prejudiced than mr darcy. it is a must read for any lover of classic literature and for those of us who are frustrated that it doesn't continue (as i believe the author was) then there are numerous great sequels which you can quickly buy to fill the craving. can't recommend it more. a wonderful wonderful book.