Brand : James Barrett Rodehaver

Not Dead Yet: An Anthology of Survivor Poetry

Maranda russell |

It's all about surviving...

I may be a little biased since several of my poems and artworks are featured in this book, but i feel that this anthology is a great collaboration. i loved the concept from the beginning, a collection of poetry, prose and artwork from survivors - those of us who have seen some of the ugliest sides of life and lived to tell about it. while the collection is gritty, blunt and brutally honest, it is also hopeful. seeing how others have survived some of the worst things that life can throw at us shows a resiliency and determination that is inspiring.

Pw covington |

Buy two copies...

This anthology is a force of nature. it has the power to heal, restore, reinvigorate. every word, every image has been hard earned and cured in the soul-kiln of survival and triumph. please, do yourself a favor and order this to have on hand to give away to that person you meet that will need it, and one for you to keep.