Brand : OPI

OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish, Indignantly Indigo , 0.5 fl. oz.

Delores j. bell |

Great but a real ripoff!

My sister really likes this color. it is unfortunate the ad for it was misleading and she ended up paying so much for it...we won't do that again! they kind of have a person over a is hard to find, so if a person wants it, we have to be prepared to pay an exhoribant price, i guess!

Noel 195555 |


A diffenenetly color with attitudee. i love it. lasts long, easy to apply. i love o.p.i. anyway. this is a cool color and great when you add crackel on top of it. totallly changes it. love it.

Antoinette e. smith |

Amazing color

Love this color. never saw anything like this before. i cannot speak for its durability as i have ordered about 10 bottles of opi and opi nicole and enjoying the diversity.