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Ocotillo Dreams

Kim mcmillon |

Ocotillo dreams is an enthralling, and fascinating new book.

Melina palacio has written a colorful novel with characters that are complex, fascinating, and give us an important part of american history that is often overlooked, the racism towards brown people that at its very heart has the capacity to tear the framework of our country. it is cautionary tale for any state thinking to follow in arizona's footsteps, and implement racist legislation like sb 1070. this is a must read for anyone wanting to delve into the lunacy of racism.

Amazon customer |

Thumbs up for melinda palacio

Melinda palacio is a fine writer and literary star on the rise. "ocotillo dreams" is a fantastic novel full of love mystery, passion, tears, and hope. it also provides a pointed look at the social issue of immigration here in the united states, presenting the humanistic side which is usually missing from the mainstream media. this is a book about families, and the painful sacrifices often made to protect our loved ones, regardless of nationality or language. i highly recommend this book to everyone!!

M. robledo |

This novel hits home

I greatly appreciate amazon's, sometimes not so welcomed, suggestions on new reads. as someone who closely follows border issues, i found this novel to be helpful in terms of understanding the complexity of being undocumented in this country. i often wonder why the national immigration discourse has become so dehumanizing. however, the very first reason i give this novel five stars is because i love how palacio weaves and unweaves the mother/daughter relationship that was once strained. it certainly made me realize how much we leave to fate as we fail to open our hearts in time before a parent passes. i strongly recommend this novel because it is very well written and because it will have you linger upon what truly matters in life: love and compassion.