Brand : Leonard Maltin

Of Mice and Magic: A History of American Animated Cartoons, Revised and Updated Edition

Jennifer sandifer ( |

Required reading for cartoon fanatics!

"of mice & magic" is, i believe, one of the most comprehensive books ever to be compiled on the subject. maltin shows his love for cartoons in every light of the recent animation boom, however, it would be nice to see a more recently updated of my favorites

Vilmos magyar |

Great book!

I ordered this hoping to get an insight into the world of golden age cartoons. what i got was a really well written, well constructed study of the era and also a lookback at some of the later cartoons of the listed studio. i really enjoyed maltin's style of writing and i can only recommend this book. a must buy for anyone interested in animation and it's rich history.

Lesley |

Arrived on time, and in good condition

Of all of my textbooks i have, this one i will not be selling back because it's a great book. it's well written, easy to read, and full of useful information.