Brand : Diane Moody

Of Windmills and War

Mary jo kleinosky |

Great book i would read again!

This book kept me interested from the very beginning. i have many books from this period of history but none of them have included what happened in holland. i have recommended this books to friends and family.

Kaye |

Holland and the war

Was an excellent account of how the people of the netherlands suffered under the thumb of hitler. what courage it took to stand up to the nazi's. i just learned in this account of the air lifts of food to these people. wow!

Kathleen |

Hardship and loyalty in wwii

This novel ties together an american family and the sons who enlisted to serve and a dutch family whose son then daughter became pen pals with the younger son. the hardships experienced by the dutch under nazi occupation and the activities of the resistance bring that history to the reader. also the history involved with allied bombing is an integral part of the story. i think a reader does not need to be a fan of wwii history to be able to enjoy this book!