Brand : Fox

Ol' Smoke Crotch

Wayne andrews |

Great show !!

I love this series, the acting is outstanding. i love the characters, and the storyline about fantasy football and what they will do to win the trophy is hilarious !!

Tv junkie |

Best league yet

This is the third season and i think the best for the league a tv series about fantasy football which concentrates more on the male friends relationships rather than drab statistics. the humor this season is hilarius as ruxin(nick kroll) is the central character throughout the season. nick kroll hopefully will be finally recognized as a true comedic talent (in addition to playing ruxin, he also does the voice for stu in another funny animated series on hbo known as "the life and times of tim" and played an aging baby in "childrens hospital" on adult swim)..the interplay and jousting, male putdowns of sexual veracity, and verbal counterattacks is brilliant. mark duplass as pete, paul sheer as the gaptooth plastic surgeon, steven ranazizi as a loser lawyer(kevin) with a brilliant fantasy football wife played by katie aselton and taco (played by jon lajoie) round out the great ensemble. don't forget ruxins brother, rafi (jason mantzoukas) who has a bigger, more creepy role this year. if you are a fan of the first two years go out and get this third year, you won't be sorry.

Guckiana |

The league

The league: the complete third season is wonderful. it follows several friends who are all part of a fantasy football league & their hilarious and inappropriate misadventures.