Brand : Robbie Vorhaus

One Less. One More.®: Follow Your Heart. Be Happy. Change Slowly.

Roman |

A real, actionable plan for taking control of your life. amazing!

Extremely well written and thoughful. this should be mandatory reading for freshmen in college, new parents, anyone changing career paths and even people about to retire. really makes you think about who you are and what you want without all the trite stuff you find in most self help books.

Karen |

One less. one more. is a must read!

Wow! you've got to read this book! i highly recommend one less. one more. (olom) to anyone who is interested in a simple, intentional, proven plan for happiness! easy to read and filled with wonderful stories and fascinating real-life examples, the author describes a philosophy that will change your life! after reading this book, i am noticing the olom philosophy in everything! this is one i will definitely read over and over again!

Mark s. oconnor |

And while hopefuly reaching a much happier destination. change happens

While the recommendations for this book aim for those seeking fulfilling changes in their life, i am finding it most helpful in addressing changes happening to me and my life. the advice and structure of the chapters are enabling me to shift positively and smoothly into another lane in my life, without losing my place on 'the highway', and while hopefuly reaching a much happier destination. change happens, whether we initiate it or not, and the wise (and informed) can better manage it. olom is an interesting book, and i'm sure i'll reread each chapter in different orders over the coming years. i may not be a famous or successful person, like mr vorhaus's clients, but at least i can now treat myself like one.... m.o'c.