Brand : Lucy Patton

Oona's Fortune (Daughters of Nymeria Book 1)

Diane morris |

A super read!

I usually don't read books that are less than 400 pages but the cover of this book compelled me to see what it was about. so glad i did!! this book hooked me right away and i read it in one sitting. the story flows beautifully keeping oona's fate up in the air while developing the interweaving secondary characters and settings. the author spent time (including) a map of the different realms and other great details to help readers from becoming lost in this wonderful story. i really like the relationship between oona and goran it’s not instant love, and i loved that. i also want to say that i just loved the friendship with nan. she is a life saver for oona and what a surprising relationship between the two. didn't see it coming but what a great twist!. this was a very fast and entertaining read, the ending was great, and i'm looking forward to future books from this author.

Christine morris |

Sultry sister grimm

Oona’s fortune is a journey into other realms and mysterious new lands, with a familiar story that will make you question if oona’s tale isn’t the original story instead. patton weaves the story of beauty and the beast into another framework, interweaved with all the rest of our favorite childhood tales. although the story is familiar, unexpected twists and turns occur throughout. i found myself enrobed in this tale, drawn to the fun and playful characters. patton writes like the sultry little sister of the grimm brothers, and hans christen anderson. her tales are sweet, yet wicked. lovable, yet steamy. and absolutely unforgettable. i am excited for patton’s next tale.