Brand : Tooth Tissues

Oral Hygiene Gum Wipes - Tooth Tissues - Dental Wipes for Baby and Toddler Teeth and Gums (1 Pack of 30 Wipes)

Christianavia |

Great! teaches oral hygiene standards

I used these twice a day before my son even had teeth. they were great! he loves to suck on them after i rubbed his gums down. he's 9 months now with eight teeth and there was no "terrible teething" experience. plus, he let's me brush his teeth with a real toothbrush, no squirms, and i accredit that to the daily use of these wipes.

Lil boy blues |

Great for new little teeth

I had a hard time getting my son to brush his new little teeth at first. this really helped. he liked the taste and even wanted to do it himself. i felt better knowing that we were getting his teeth clean. during our hotter months, these did dry out faster, but we just added a little water to the packet and kept using them until we ran out.

Hmay |

Better then the nuk wipes

I used the nuk tooth and gum wipes and loved them, but was wanting wipes with xylitol. (nuk doesn't make it with xylitol). i'm so glad i found these. they are priced right and my baby loves to chew on the tissue. i use it in the morning and night.