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Othello (Shakespeare, Signet Classic)

Mapster |

Enjoyed it.

I'm glad to have this play on my kindle. i had recently heard "the quality of mercy" read aloud, and wanted to have a copy so i ordered the "merchant of venice" and enjoyed reading the whole play.very good buy.

Ken bartsch |

Reviewing hamlet is like reviewing the lord's prayer

I usually like to reread a shakespearean play before seeing it on stage, and i read this edition in preparation for the play's presentation in louisville in central park. but i now wonder about act ii, scene 1 between polonius and reynaldo. we never hear from reynaldo about laertes' behavior at school. as i read it this time around i wanted especially to understand fortinbras' relevance to the story. that geopolitical dimension of the story is often edited out, and more often mishandled. in kenneth branaugh's movie, as i recall, fortinbras attacked the castle before advancing into it to find the dead lying about. in this dover thrift edition that wasn't necessary. fortinbras falls heir to denmark after the mess claudius and prince hamlet have left behind. in other stage or movie presentation i have seen laertes "cheat" during the duel, striking the unguarded hamlet with the poisoned sword. in this version hamlet suffers a slash during the fight; though it can hardly be called a fair injury since laertes' sword is unbated. i didn't know until recently that there is hardly anywhere a definitive version of the play. perhaps that explains its many interpretations. btw, the show in louisville is excellent! all the players are wonderful but i especially loved polonius, ophelia and rosencrantz (played by an utterly charming woman.)

Billie s. |

Help for granchild

My granddaughter wanted this book for her birthday. i never told her that i would get it; so she was very happy and surprised when she received it.