Brand : Gooseberry Patch

Our Favorite 30-Minute Meals Cookbook (Our Favorite Recipes Collection)

Joy |

Great cookbooks

Love goose patch cookbooks.....this is not my first and it won't be my last. we use many of these recipes. even my kids who are starting to cook find them easy to follow

J. yost |

30 minute meals

Great cookbook with easy to follow many recipes and lots of illustrations. always good with gooseberry patch girls. cant go wrong.

Megan h |

Yum yum yum, and what? time to actually spend with my family? perfect!

The book itself is quite small in size, barely bigger than an extended hand, but the recipes are fairly simple so i haven't come across any problems reading the text. can't wait to try all the recipes! i was afraid that due to the simplicity of the recipes it would call for a lot of prepared items but from what i can tell so far it's been minimal, still leaving focus on actual cooking! sure, some of the pasta recipes call for canned sauce but that is an easy fix if you still want to go home-made! prepare your sauce ahead of time and have it ready & waiting for the busy weekday rush. ta-da! otherwise there are a lot of fresh options for you to choose from. for example, honeyed raspberry pork chops: 4 boneless chops, flour, honey mustard, raspberry jam, cider vinegar, olive oil, and chopped fresh parsley. simple, around the house ingredients. not something you buy once and use a tablespoon of, then let it sit in the fridge til it expires. just a new idea for the classic chop! easy to pair with a salad or vegetable and just what i need to add some variety to the mealplan without exhausting myself after a full day at work! super excited to dive further in to this booklet. if that's too simplistic, or any add ins (like gravy mix rather than real gravy) don't appeal to you then 30 minute meals probably aren't what you should be looking at. but again, those are easy to still make from scratch if you actually have the time (unlike the rest of us). i'd still suggest giving this book a try!!