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Our Zoo

R. davis |

Going to the zoo

Great book, great read, and great partner to the recent our zoo series on pbs. wonderful to learn of the original zoo from one of its founders.

Lauren |

4.5 stars

Actual rating 4.5/5 our zoo is a wonderful and personal insight into the establishment of a family run zoo (chester zoo). it highlights not only the struggles of starting the zoo but also the struggle to feed the animals during the rationing. it is definitely a fun, light read. our zoo is an extremely realistic memoir by june mottershead about her life living in a zoo from the age of four. there are only a few minor details lost through time (i.e. names etc). it is full of unique memories which clearly mean so much to june mottershead and i feel privileged to have read them. our zoo is also written in a very colloquial and easy to read manner. june mottershead's story made me smile, laugh and very nearly cry. i only wish the story continued on further than it did (but, of course, it is clear that a lot of time and effort went into this wonderful story). i would definitely recommend our zoo to fans of non-fiction, memoirs and animals. i also cannot wait to find a copy of the bbc drama series based on june mottershead's fantastic stories. it also makes me want to visit chester zoo.

Zoe |

Chester zoo from the start..

This was a charming book about life at chester zoo from the very beginning, through world war ii and slightly after. june mottershead, daughter of the founder of the zoo, takes us on a short journey of her past - which there seemed to never have been a dull moment. after having seen the bbc series i wanted to read the book. i can honestly say i'm glad i did. this book was a light and easy read full of humour and sad moments in abundance. although there was quite a few sad moments the mood was quickly changed by one of june's short anecdotes. the best one for me was when one of the bears went missing and it was found to have strolled into the house. i found the book to have been a pleasurable and enjoyable read. it had almost a conversational tone to it, as opposed to talk at you or down to you. as it was a light read it was easy to get wrapped up into the story and just keep turning the pages. the pictures throughout the book added that little extra touch to it. you got to see the people and the animals that june was talking about and it made you feel a bit closer to the story.