Brand : J. Russell Crabtree

Owl Sight: Evidence-Based Discernment and the Promise of Organizational Intelligence for Ministry

Dennis whittington |

The book was excellent in content

The book was excellent in content, however i am very dissatisfied with amazon because my two responses about the pages falling out of the book ( someone must have forgotten to put glue on the book cover to hold the pages in place ? ) i would like a new copy of this book since after one week many of the pages had already fallen out of the book ! it would be nice if i could get a response from someone about the defective book that i received from amazon called owl sight, by dr. russell crabtree. dennis whittington 314-640-0290

Parshar |

A must read!

This is a must read for every pastor. it will change the way you think about ministry and church growth.

Bob driver bishop |

This is a gift that keeps on giving...

The church is blessed by the talents and insights of russell crabtree. he has spent many years specializing in analyzing churches and finding helpful ways to interpret those findings. years ago i was engaged at the highest levels of air force intelligence services. we knew that it was a rare person who could not only see the big picture but also help interpret the ramifications. we called them eagle eyes. russell has that rare talent. so often churches get caught up in making very important decisions based of intuitive assumptions of antidotal evidence. later on they find themselves in trouble (out of energy, dissent, over extended) because they relied on faulty facts. these resources will enable you to seek better information for your deliberations and discernment process. i am most impressed with his recommended ingredients for a dynamic healthy church. this includes vital worship, lifelong learning, spiritual formation that fits complex lifestyles, an open leadership system, quality relationships, and flexibility. his chapter "the trap of pastoral care" is genius. i am now freely sharing this resource with young pastors and seminarians. if only i had met russell years ago; could have avoided so many blind alleys and pit fall. don't take my word... order copies today. i have shared with key congregational leadership. truly this text needs to considered wisdom literature.