Brand : Peg Perego

Peg Perego Book Pop Up Stroller, Circles Grey

Soching y. |

Easiest to fold! handles great. one of the best of the luxury strollers...

Love this stroller! i've been using it and the peg primo viaggo 4-35 car seat for almost three months now. my must haves in my stroller search included the following features: (1) light (if possible), (2) forward and rear facing seat (so that i can interact and see the baby), (3) easy fold/compact fold, (4) basket storage capacity. what i love and really come to appreciate about the pop-up after having used it for the past 3 months: (1) so so easy to fold - can really do it with one hand, (2) easy to unfold - also one hand, (3) stands upright when folded (space saver! and keeps the stroller clean). when your baby is fussy or crying, you really appreciate how quickly and easily you can get the stroller in and out! plus i love the really spacious storage basket. i considered and tested the following strollers: (1) uppa vista, (2) uppa cruz, (3) stokke scoot, (4) bugaboo cameleon, (5) book pop up. all these luxury strollers handled pretty well. i'll admit, the bugaboo and the stokke looked the sleekest and prettiest. but i also wanted something practical. so ultimately, i narrowed it down to between the scoot, vista, and pop up. the cruz was appealing because it was the lightest but it was a pain to fold - you have to pull and shove the handle using both hands and essentially placing the stroller on the ground while doing so. my husband and i nearly blew a gasket trying to get it folded (we tried it multiple times and it didn't seem to get any easier). i am a germaphobe, so the idea of the stroller getting dirty did not appeal to me (what if it's raining and the ground is wet??). the bugaboo, while sleek and handled great, wasn't practical. i didn't like the idea of having to remove the seat every single time for storage. plus the seat doesn't fold up very compactly and trunk space is valuable. the vista was heavier than the pop up and did not fold as easily or nicely. the scoot handled slightly better than the pop up and i liked that the seat was higher off the ground, but it was a little heavier, thicker/wider when folded and seat just didn't look as comfortable (the footrest seemed a little too small/awkward - let the legs just dangle down while the baby is sleeping? also, the bassinet is lovely. we used it bedside and had our baby sleep in it at night before we transitioned him to the crib. he slept as well as a newborn can in it. the cushioning is surprisingly soft and plush. i love that the bassinet folds down compactly for storage. can't say enough good things about the pop up!!

Jose d. hernandez |

This peg perego stroller is just beautiful, we've received a lot of compliments

This peg perego stroller is just beautiful, we've received a lot of compliments, seems durable, we couldn't be more happy with this stroller and its versatility. worth the price.

David maser |

The perfect stroller has arrived! even better than the uppababy.

Of all the baby gear we bought as new parents, this stroller and bassinet was by far our best purchase. when we went to test strollers in person, we were actually looking for the uppababy vista. the consultant in the store recommended this as the newest and best stroller that corrected the little inconveniences or glitches with the uppababy. he was right. we tried both of them, compared weight, usability, durability, ease of use - everything, and chose this. now seven months later, we've yet to be disappointed. the material it's made of is comfortable for the little one, durable, and well-made. it's versatile, lightweight, looks great and the bassinet and stroller have been absolutely perfect for our little one. can't recommend this product enough. we love it! it's pricey, but worth every penny.