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People Are Alike All Over

Amazon customer |

This was worth the wait

I just got the set and i love it. the picture quality is fantastic, the book is great. i love having the whole season as a set. someone posted that the set is not complete because it did not have what was supposed to be the original premire episode. well the fact of the matter is that it was never part of the twilight zone, hence not part of the set. someone also stated that due to the fact that the series is forty years old there was not going to be new fans of the show. that simply is not true. i for one was not a fan untill last year. there are rides on both coasts that can and will generate new fans of the shows. i can't wait to get the other seaons to complete my set. i highly recomend this set.

K. mari |


Genius. still enjoyable today, even in black &white. the stories are relevant to the human condition and though the situations aren't exactly relate-able, the emotions are.

Keara nadeau-grandy |


What can be said about the twilight zone? just don't try to watch it with surround sound. it'll give you a headache.