Brand : Marcus Allen Cooper

Personals: The Comedy Musical Revue (1998 Original London Cast)

N. andrews-hay |

Awesome show

I was in the australian premiere of the show and loved it, the sketches and the monologues were hilarious.the cd itself is also fantastic with the songs a variety of genres and tempos. imagine my surprise and some things don't end, the two nicest songs on the cd. well worth a listen to!


Get "personals" and find fulfillment.

This cd is from the london production of a u.s. play. it was the first project of the people who created the "friends" sitcom. it's about people who answer personal ads and the situations they get into. it's funny and it has good music. i can't wait for the play to reopen on the west end.


Like friends, funny situations but with singable music!

The score flies by -- good voices, clever words, like the tv show friends written by the same folks. i found myself playing the score over and over again. these are good good voices. i'm glad i bought it!