Brand : Solvit

PetSafe Solvit Waterproof Bench Seat Cover, Standard Size Dog and Cat Back Seat Cover for Most Cars, Trucks, Minivans and SUVs, Green, 56 in. W x 47 in. L, 2 lb.

Turtlegirl3 |

Love this! perfect for use with kids!

I purchased this to protect the seats of my new 2012 hyundai tucson from my 3 year old son. it fits the seat perfectly and was very easy to install. i am still able to use all my seatbelts thanks to the slots for the buckles (the center belt can unbuckle when not in use so i can still put my son in the rear center seat). so far this has proven to be the perfect fit. i had previously bought other seat covers and returned them because of a bad fit but this one is great!

Lab0110 |

Wish i'd bought it sooner

This has saved my backseat. fits perfectly in a lincoln mkx (same as a ford edge). i have a 15-pound schnoodle who likes to look out one window, then walk over to the other window, then go back and check out the first window again, and so on. he left paw prints all over my backseat. i agree with the other reviewers that it is slippery, but dudley only has a problem if he's standing on it and i take a corner too quickly. i'd highly recommend this seat cover.

Marianne pysh |

This works great!

I was really hesitant to purchase this item as other seat covers i've had in the past have either looked terrible, or not fit well. but, i had just bought a new car, and didn't want to put the dogs in the car until the seats were covered. this was so easy to install, and fits very well. and it's very easy to remove when it needs to be washed.