Brand : Gaston Leroux

Phantom of the Opera


One of the best classic thrillers.

Wow! this is an amazing book. i love classic books and music-- this one certainly encompasses it all for me. erik is such a tragic, brilliant figure and the way leroux has christine controlled by three seperate forces at once (erik, raoul, her father) is such brilliant writing. the reporter-style and emotionally-charged style of the book will keep you turning pages! if you loved the musical (like i do) or even if you *didn't* like it, you have *got* to read this book!

Laurie pay |

The phantom of the opera

I love this story and have only seen it in musicals. the book gave so much more information that what i have seen before.

Mio rhein |


When the movie came out in 2004 i was compelled to again read the book and while the story will forever be a classic in my mind the story put to music completes it for me.