Brand : Pilot

Pilot Fountain Pen Custom Heritage 92, Clear Body, FM-Nib (FKVH-15SRS-NC-FM)

Andy |

I love it. it might be finer than you expect

My daily writer. i love it. it might be finer than you expect. (japanese fine = german ef) i have written scores and scores of pages with this pen, and i have had no hiccups. noodler's 54th was a tad runny at times, but that was the only ink i have put in it that gave me issues. it took me a few days to get used to this pen, and there might have been a break-in period. do recommend. i paid $120.00 - beware us/canadian/european markups.

Desert wolf |

The pilot customs represent absolute best value

If you want functionality first, this is it. this isn't a pen for show; it's a pen for writing. picked this up because it's a demonstrator, and a piston filler, and a pilot. got some interesting, unusual iron gall ink. one has to be a bit careful with this, don't leave a small amount to dry out, and rinse it more carefully than normal. thus, the advantage of a demonstrator. plus, my intent is to use the ink in pens dedicated to it. just to avoid any poor interactions. it's worked great with those inks. excellent flow. the nib's mildly responsive when i want it to be, but easy to handle too. body size is right where i like; some might prefer something chunkier.

S.b. |

Incredible pen

Great ink capacity and a gorgeous pen to behold. the nib is wonderfully smooth although it is an eastern size so it writes about a size smaller than a westerm nib (ex. lamy fine = pilot medium)