Brand : Michael Crichton

Pirate Latitudes

M_mayhall |

Great book!

I needed the book for a class i was taking. it came in on time for my assignment and i've got to say the book was a fast read. i was hooked from the first chapter. this was one of my best assignments yet in college. would recommend to all who like action and hard core heros.

Power trader |

Fun fast read

Everyone has already stated that this book is not like crichton's usual techy novels. but beyond that i thought it was an interesting story of a pirate expedition told with the typical hint of non fiction that crichton is famous for with all the research he puts into his novels. the book read really fast and has me back on amazon looking for another good pirate tale to send to my kindle!

Bluegrass |

Swashbuckling good!

A good read. great descriptions. one can feel the heat, humidity and (unfortunately) the smells. a well crafted novel.