Brand : Planet Wise

Planet Wise Wet Bag, Jelly Jubilee, Medium, Made in the USA

Rebecca donaldson |

Exactly what i needed

This is probably one of the few things i bought as a first time mom that i still use today (almost 3 years later). its initial use was cloth diapers and then the occasional disposable if i was on the go with my kids. now its used for extreme dirty park clothes and swimsuits. it really locks in any smell or liquid super well.

Reviewer_2 |

Great in functionality and design

We are using this bag for a spare cloth diaper when we're not at home, and large size bags from the same company for storing our dirty diapers at home. we have had no issues with smell so far. (however, note that our baby is just three months old and exclusively breastfed, so the big odor test is still out for when he starts eating solids.). i wash it hot and put it in the drier on hot - it shrinks, but so far hasn't leaked odor or liquids. yay! washing instructions recommend coldish wash etc, but that's not practical for us. update: they have been in constant use for 4 months now, 'abused' with tide detergent and on high heat setting in the dryer (to prevent bacterial contamination) and we've had zero problems. a little bit of odor is usually noticable on the second day. i combat it by putting the bag in a closet with a small open container of baking powder. we rinse all diapers with pure water (no detergents) prior to putting them in the bag.

Amanda h. warren |

Love this wet bag!

We love planetwise wet bags. keep in mind the small is *really* small. so, if you are a cloth diaperer, don't expect to get more than two diapers in this bag. i use this in my smaller diaper bag for quick trips when space is at a premium and i don't expect many changes, for a longer outing or all day i use a medium size wet bag and keep my small wetbag to use in case a change of clothing is needed.