Brand : Tim Shaw

"Please, talk with me"

Stella x |

A good read and very frightening story

I saw this story on the syfy show school spirits and was interested in knowing more. this book is gripping in it's terror and yet it has a lot of heart. well written, and easy to read, i have enjoyed it immensely. i recommend it highly to readers who like their stories to be chilling and true.

Dr.k |

Good memoir

As a phd in rhetoric i love a good memoir and that is the best way to describe this little book. it opens and closes with some history of the upstate new york area where i live, and as such, the narrative itself is subsumed into the folklore of the area. that is not to imply that the account is fictional, but part of the very fabric of the geography itself from which it sprung, and will remain in the history of place. unlike myth and legend, i have no problem believing that this account is true. i saw it dramatized on syfy and listened to chris speak. he is sincere. my only fear from reading was that he could have been dealing with a demonic presence for which we now know and employ cautionary measures for expelling. for god's sake why didn't they call the warrens?

Marty |

This is scary because it is true.

I have investigated and came across some pretty creepy things. i've watched ghost hunting show. i've watched movie thrillers. i've read scary books. reading this book i literally was spooked. as i read it i kept thinking this is a true story and it could happen to anyone at anytime. it is scary to think what is out there and what is possible. thank you rev. tim for a great read.