Brand : Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Pond Walk

Tamara l. laughman |


I have read this twice so far with my granddaughter and she loves the story. the only problem is when reading on the kindle, you have to slide through all the pages to start least it's a small book! sweet story about a little bear who receives a package in the mail from his grandfather and the adventure it sends him on. we plan on a little garden for my granddaughter this spring.

Z hayes |

A book that encourages nature exploration

My first grader was captivated by this book that follows a young bear and his mother as they go pond walking. mama bear and buddy bear go to pete's pond and find nature in abundance. there's duck and geese, whirligig beetles, frogs, cattails, duckweed, waterlilies, and many more. in simple language, readers get to discover what distinguishes a damselfy from a dragonfly,and much more. along their walk, young buddy tries his best to look out for his prize, the sighting of a turtle. mother and child have time to not only enjoy nature in all its splendor, but also stop to have some rest and snacks. the collage illustrations add a lovely simplicity to the story that makes it all the more engaging, with actual cut-out photographs of ducks, damselflies, etc. this is a wonderful way to inspire a love of nature in young children.

Ladyfingers |

A great teaching aid

I'm always on the lookout for easy reader nature books that can hold short attention spans. pond walk delivers in many ways. nancy elizabeth wallace combines interesting and fun artwork techniques throughout the book--felt (or paper) collage characters, child-like drawings and actual nature photos. the story line follows buddy and his mother's walk through pete's pond. it's very engaging. best of all, young readers are sure to recognize many of the same plants, bugs and animals mentioned in the story near their own homes. we live along a river. i know and love the outdoors well, but don't have ms. wallace's knack of turning knowledge into interesting learning experiences. pond walk helps set the stage for the real thing (an actual walk) and stimulates further research and conversation in the younger set. i appreciate that. after reading the story, even i want to make rock turtles.