Brand : Clive Cussler

Poseidon's Arrow (Dirk Pitt)

Ralph e. cook |

Another winner.

There are only a few writers that i will always buy when released with no regard to reviews or reading samples. cussler is at the top of that list. the books are predictable, but predictable great. this one is a must for any dirk pitt fan.

G. s. bond |

Good storyline

I have been reading the this series for years. the stories always discuss something that really interests me. i like the technical aspects so they keep me interested better than reading engineering and science manuals which is not nearly as fun..

Dorian s. conger |

He did it again...

This is a complex tale of interwoven pieces. i never fail to enjoy a cussler term and this is one of the best. there is nothing like a pitt story and the use of his twin children makes it even better. better grab your gear and get ready for a great ride.