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Praxis II English to Speakers of Other Languages Study Guide: Test Prep and Practice Test Questions for the ESOL (5361) Exam

Sally o |

Great study guide!

This book was invaluable to me in studying for and passing my esol praxis ii exam. the contents were well organized and the information was comprehensive.

Kristen wetzel |

Great study guide and practice questions!

Great study guide and practice questions! the book begins with an introduction of the praxis - what's on the praxis, how it's scored, and how it's administered. the review section of the book is broken down by - linguistics, language learning and acquisition, instruction, assessment, cultural aspects, and professional aspects. linguistics covers theory, linguistics and culture, and grammar and parts of speech. language learning and acquisition covers theoretical models of second language learning and acquisition, first-language considerations, stages of second-language acquisition, student motivation in second-language learning, language modeling, comprehensible input, and scaffolding, and literacy. instruction covers instructional theory, program models, teaching techniques, materials, and classroom management. assessment covers tests and standards, appropriate use of tests, and interpreting and applying assessment results. cultural aspects covers cultural understanding, cultural aspects that affect second-language acquisition, english language learners, and teaching, and cultural awareness, sensitivity, and inclusion. professional aspects covers legal and ethical issues, role of the esl teacher, and professional development. the practice section of the book includes 20 linguistics, 29 language learning and acquisition, 30 instruction, 26 assessment, 25 cultural aspects, and 20 professional aspects multiple choice questions with separate answer keys. i think this is a great review book and practice questions for the praxis ii - 5361 exam.

B lentz |

I would highly recommend this review to anyone studying for the praxis

I found this book to be immensely helpful in reviewing for the esol praxis. it includes comprehensive summaries of key topics, followed by challenging practice questions. i would highly recommend this review to anyone studying for the praxis.