Brand : Jane Austen

Pride And Prejudice (Korean Edition)

A. e. wenger |

Pure enjoyment!

I was glad to have this for my kindle. i loved reading it again. timeless principles are communicated by jane austen.

Lydia m. bennett |

It's a classic!

There's not much new to say about jane austen though in my experience readers of classic novels either love her or hate her. when i was younger i found her books to be too sugary for my taste but now i find her work to be very enjoyable. perhaps it comes with age :-). it's a great love story to read on a stormy night in front of the fire. wonderful character development. if one prefers more angst i'd recommend something like rememberance of things past :-).

Claudio osorio |

Pink flavor, well written.

I enjoyed the book. especially the interaction between the two main characters. no matter what your favorite genera is, you will find enjoyment in this book. it is universal.