Brand : Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice

Hickorygranny |

I loved this book!

It was so innocent (except for lydia and her man) and different from the books of today--such a nice change! it certainly kept my interest. now i'm ready for more jane austen!

Andrea gonzalez |

Surely, you must know

As a sincere fan of pride & prejudice, i have been wanting a quality hardcover copy for what seems like forever! most of the utterly gorgeous copies were a startling price but this book fell into my budget nicely. it's so pretty. the color pallate on this book is amazing and the size is perfect for most purses. i love the feel of the book in hand, it just feels like a quality book.

Co dragonfly |

Beautiful book, but very small and very costly to return

Beautifully made book - but read the description at the bottom carefully. it's tiny! the print is too small for a young person to wade through. unfortunately, it would nearly cost as much to return it as the book costs, so i guess it'll just go on my bookshelf along with my other copy.