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Principles of Internet Marketing


A very practical book - i love it !

This is a great book on internet marketing. unlike many other books on similar subjects i have read , i found this book most practical - and closest to the need in the real business world ! lots of very interesting case studies in it, and most important of all, the book contains a lot of very useful and updated researches and statistics that confirms a lot of beliefs ( and clear lots of doubts) i have had in my job. don't be put-off by the title of the book " principles of internet marketing" - they are not pure academic / classroom-type "principles", they are very applicable to the real business world ! if you are working in the internet marketing area, or if you plan to enter this field, don't miss this book !!!

Gray ligon |

Worth every penny!

This book overwhelmed me with its broad coverage of internet marketing principles. it is required reading for my mba students in marketing strategy because it is so clearly written. many internet books are either too technical or too shallow to hold my interest as a marketing professor. every time i return to the book, i learn more about the net. hanson provides tremendous value and should be commended for including so much relevant information in an easy to read format.


Don't be scared off by the title

I've had an opportunity to read an advance copy; i think this will be a work whose importance stretches far beyond the narrowly defined world of marketing. hanson offers a fine primer on how the internet offers almost everyone the opportunity to build one-to-one business relationships. anyone whose economic interests are affected by the information economy -- retailers, publishers, creators, strategic planners, just about anyone in business today -- should learn these lessons.