Brand : Matthew MacDonald

Pro ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010 (Expert's Voice in .NET)

Mr. paul goddard |

It's great

I'm only on page 104 but it is a great book. it explains the important things, rather than a lot of details you may never use. i am very glad that i bought it.

Scott duncan |

Great book to learn

Great book to learn i would recommend this book to anyone learning it is a great book to have for coding in c#.

Schmidtd |

Not a cookbook, a comprehensive review with depth

This book is way too intense to review from a content perspective here. suffice it to say that the breadth and depth are inspiring. core technologies are investigated in great depth, with a lot of focus on role-your-own extensibility options, even when that means coding. the later chapters serve as different creatures, and are more surface reviews of the newer technology families (well, new to asp) such as mvc, silverlight, and dynamic data. still, they are valuable, and each chapter does dare to dirty its hands in some sort of customization scenario to serve as an example for what lies beneath the surface. this is a core teaching text for a core technology. my only suggestion, really, would be that the next edition needs a little defragmenting, rethinking of overall structure and organization to reflect the latest state of the art.