Brand : Stephanie Perry Moore

Promise Kept (Perry Skky Jr)

Gail a. rinderknecht |

Excellent book

I bought this while i was teaching at a men's correctional institution. the "powers that be" deemed it too religious for the men to read. i purchased it with my own money, not state funds, to give my reluctant readers something they might identify with, but separation of church and state ruled the day even though reading the books were a choice not a requirement. oh well.

Marilyn simmons |


Great book for teens. my 15 year old son enjoyed the entire series. i had to make him stop and go to bed some nights.

Amber |

Growing pains physically, mentally, and spiritually

This is a tale of coming to age and all of the exciting adventures that come along with it. the author shows how difficult it can be living a christian life as a young man. the series is a must read!