Brand : Helen Cooper

Pumpkin Soup (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

Tsila sofer elguez |

Warm and satisfying� just like soup.

There is something so warm, satisfying and homey about this book. the three animals live happily together in their warm and cozy house eating their regular supper of pumpkin soup. each member of this little family has his own role in the soup making process; however, happiness cannot last forever and one morning the duck decides he wants to trade parts! he wants to be the one stirring the soup... this wish causes chaos in the little house and the duck decides to leave.... i am sure you can guess the ending, but nevertheless this is a rich, beautiful and lovable story which has several surprises along the way. the paintings are beautiful and colorful (i especially love the pumpkin garden) and my son always ends the reading with his wish "please make me a pumpkin soup"...

H. sapiens |

Warm, funny, great illustrations - family favorite

I did not know the extent to which my daughter would come to love this book when i purchased it. had i known, i would have found a hardcover edition. let me just say, this is the first book that my almost 4 year old memorized (word for word). this is the first book that my 9 year old will go to when he wants to read to her (e.g. he wants to read it and needs an excuse). it is a warm tale about friendship, sharing, and overcoming conflict/compromise. it handles conflict naturally (e.g. real characters that really argue and act just like my kids). real characters with real feelings and vivid imaginations portrayed with flawless, humorous illustrations (we especially love when squirrel and cat envision duck's new shop). the colors of the artwork are warm and orange - just like pumpkin soup. you feel like you are peering in on their lives (like the two little bugs that appear on every page). most importantly, this book does not come off preachy - so i think it rings true with children. in fact, my daughter uses this book to relate sharing issues - all i need to say is "remember how duck wanted to use squirrel's special spoon?" and she gets it - instantly. and - for some odd reason - my children are now fascinated with pumpkins and want to cook. we have made pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ravioli... and.... pumpkin soup - the best you ever tasted!

Gladmom |

Rich material for discussion

This book has been one my daughter's favorites since she turned 2. it has given us a chance to talk about pumpkins, instruments, cooking and feelings. she wants to talk about why the duck was sad. young children know what it feels like to be denied a turn at something!