Brand : John Saul

Punish the Sinners

Jo toney |

One of his very best books. i have read it two times

One of his very best books. i have read it two times, and probably will read it again in the future.

Tennridgerunner |

Great book

John saul always keeps you wondering what's going to happen next. it was good reading this book again. read it when it first came out- just as good as the first time. need to hire a proofreader. a lot of typographical and grammatical errors in this book.

K. sozaeva |

Bizarre tale with lots of strange twists

John saul is a master of horror story telling. his stories cause shivers up and down your spine, butterflies in the stomach, and the uncontrollable urge to keep reading. i am deliberately keeping these reviews vague so as to not spoil anything. punish the sinners is a bizarre story, set in the backdrop of a private catholic high school called st. francis xavier high school. when peter balsam begins teaching a controversial psychology course, he notices that the children in this school have been very well indoctrinated in the attitude of the whole village (neilsville, wa), which is very much a small town filled with very religious people. however, something isn't quite right at the high school and peter is determined to find out what it is. there are strange rumors, whispers about a dark secret society. and then the children start dying ... this story is just creepy and i loved reading every word. don't miss it if you are a fan of horror. saul writes true horror, so don't expect any happy endings here. but do expect to be thrilled and chilled. don't miss this great story.