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Purgatorio (Modern Library) (Vol 2)

Anonymous |

Poetry to learn from

Dante presents the renunciation of sin and purification of it in this division of his divine comedy. in hell the nature of sin was realized and here in purgatory one must cleanse themselves of the stain of sin through suffering. like in the inferno john provides excellent commentary to the many nuances in the poem. the poem is actually not a hard one to understand in my opinion. you simply learn more and more from it the more you read it. do not be flabberghasted or reluctant to read it. it's one of the great poems out there.

Frumiousb |

"as if in love when love is free of pain"

I next to never start a review by discussing the edition. so just to prove that there's a first time for everything, i'll start this review by talking about the edition. i read the modern library hardcover from 1996 and it was wonderously fine to read. the small hardback format made it durable and portable. the notes were put after each canto, instead of being strung together at the end-- very handy and i wish more books that require a lot of notes would follow its example. i don't read italian, so i can't speak to the ciardi translation's accuracy. i will say that it read very well. it was very clean, and flowed like poetry. i should have read purgatorio earlier. when i was in college and reading the divine comedy we were really only required to read , and i'm ashamed to say that i stopped there. the thing that i most remember about inferno are the vivid images of suffering-- the sense of doom. i liked purgatorio better, i think. even as a modern reader, i found myself measuring my own behaviour against the standards that dante suggested in the poem. it was easier to identify with this book-- more thought-provoking about the nature of sin, humanity, and god. dante breaks purgatory into people who either love too much or not enough-- with the immoderate lovers closer to heaven. there is a lot to think about here. a lot to like besides the historical value or the poem's place in the canon. recommended.


This is an incredible image of purgatory!

Hell is undesirable. it is a place of eternal pain. heaven is perfect. it is a place of everlalsting & unconditional love. so, what is purgatory like? even though it is impossible for any human to know exactly what purgatory is like, it is very interesting to examine dante's depiction of it. after being guided by an instructor through the inferno, the purgatorio was a unique experience that i journeyed through alone. however, this intensified the experience. dante's image of purgatory is just as incredible as his image of hell. the second part of the divine comedy reveals to the reader how great a desire there is for the souls in purgatory to see god. it is a dying thirst and pain, yet they must wait patiently, hoping for the souls on earth who are living in grace to pray for them. the inferno renewed my spiritual life! the purgatorio strengthened it! i am now anxious to see how the paradisio will affect me.