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Purgatory Flats

John d. seneca |

A great action thriller!!!

This movie starring the beautiful alexandra holden is a great action/thriller. not a lot of special effects and no large budget...but not a bad movie!! check it out!!

Tina |

A under rated film

I watched this movie on showtime a few weeks ago. it is a really good movie. it is not what you expect. the cinemaography (i know i spelt that is really good. i like the story line. i think this is brian austin greenes first film that seperates him from anything he has ever done. the story line is good. i know there will be people out there that may not like. truly a matter of preference but i did enjoy it. i liked and i think if you are looking for something different. give it a try.

A. trotter |

Now why had i never heard of this before?

This is such a fun movie! i loved it. the actors play it straight, real low-key (except for the very angry brother) and smart. it's so well put together! loads of grit and such a nicely done ending. so many movies just can't cut it to the end, they turn sour; but this one has a satisfying finish as well as a strong start. i'm so glad i got it. i just can't understand why i never heard anything about it before i hunted up stuff vince ventresca was in. (ok, so i've started watching movies with specific actors in them, which i swore i'd never do. sue me. he's good.) oh, plot? um, doctor gets chucked in jail for a few, gets out and doesn't want to go back to la. ends up in the little town of the title, purgatory flats. gets caught up in the wake of a shooting... thing is, you completely understand everyone in the movie, why they do what they do, all the bad decisions they make. it's all the sort of stuff that people do every day, how the little things just slide you right into disaster. there's a little cheeze (chase scene anyone) - but everyone likes a little cheese, and they don't overdo it.