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Quest for Kriya

A. gupta |

Must read!

It is an awesome and engaging book. especially the last part of the story is full of suspense. once i started reading i wanted to read more and was curious to know what will happen next. end was great! can't wait to read part 2;

L shah |

Perfect vacation book!

This is one helluva book. once you start reading it - it is extremely hard to stop till the end. the plot is very interesting and fast paced. and while the plot unfolds you go through some history as well as many gems of indian culture and mythology. it almost felt like i went through a movie - couldn't stop till i went through the book. the characters are very well developed, being from the silicon valley - you can also relate to a bunch of the characters, and i will certainly be looking forward to part 2 (i am hoping there is one :-) ).

Siddharth |

Quest for kriya is a fantastic thriller which kept me at the edge of my ...

Quest for kriya is a fantastic thriller which kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the book. the author has done a nice job at narration which mixes fiction with real time events. i liked the way the story is told as you can relate with some of the incidents that happened in history and how that would play on the minds of those affected in such events. the main characters, shakti and shiva are well developed throughout the story with a deep soul and intriguing past, complete with their feelings and lessons. there is diversity and depth with all the characters in the book which in fact reflects the reality of the people we encounter in our lives. overall, i felt the author did a great job and left some intriguing unanswered questions which would make you to want more !