Brand : Rainbow Light

Rainbow Light - Embrace Prenatal 35+ Multivitamin, 90 Count, Zinc & Vitamin C

Jessica reynolds |

Love the energy

I have energy as a postpartum, breastfeeding 37 yr old mom of four because of these prenatals! love the energy, love that the size of the pills is manageable for swallowing - they're vegetable capsules (the two clear pieces that fit together.) i would rather swallow two of these than a giant stinky pill (like their one per day version!)

Madame hales |

Good for sensitive stomachs

I switched from the regular rainbow light prenatal vitamins to these when i saw them in the store. i'm a few months shy of 35 and trying to conceive so i figured to give them a try. these are much better on my stomach since they are capsules, and the probiotics have been helpful (feeling much less bloated). my energy level is definitely improving, as well as my hair, skin, and nails. if you are usually sensitive to multivitamins, this is ideal to avoid any stomach upset.

Tani j |

Love love love these vitamins

Love love love these vitamins. i took these while trying to conceive and currently at 4 weeks pregnant. these do not cause any nausea or upset stomach. a bit pricey compared to alternatives, but well worth it. i purchased from sprouts and the price is about $32 when on sale. great supplement. highly recommended.