Brand : Lisabet Sarai

Raw Silk (Black Lace)


A brand new fan

I've read at least 20 books from the black lace series and this was by far my favorite. it has a bit of everything from romantic courtship to submission. the book was a lesson in culture as well as eroticism! excellent!

Rudolf spoerer |

Spicy spicy modern day erotica .... yummie .. yummie ..

Definitely a blue moon book with they sexually active or maybe 'wanna be' sexually active young woman in mind. the author has accomplished a difficult feat in writing modern erotica that is creative, has an interesting story without being too overbearing, and, beleive it or not comes across as realistic .... don't shy away by my last comment, the author manages to make it both hot and realistic because i believe that she wrote this from day one as a hot erotic story in mind rather than having a story and then try to flesh it out with sex .... so ... don't be shocked when you find our heroine kate getting used and abused as a hood ornament, oops sorry they did it on the trunk, in the airport parking lot as she leaves the us for her new job posting in bangkok .... i really did enjoy this book as a light summertime read ....

Alyssa |


I have to start off with saying that this book stayed on my “to read” list for too long. it really is a must-read for anyone who enjoys very well-written erotica, likes books set in exotic locations, and who wants a much better view of bsdm than 50 shades could attempt. i have read a good amount of erotica by lisabet sarai and this is my favorite (my second favorite is incognito which i read a few years back). kate is a woman who knows what she wants, but who is introduced to some new experiences while working in bangkok. she not only finds one new lover (in addition to the man she left at “home”) but also another lover who is a dom. i don’t want to give away too much of the story, but this is one sizzling read (the ending was incredible) and should not be put on the back burner of your “to read” list.