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Reader's Digest Condensed Books Vol. 5 1981: Vermillion; Totaled; Ike and Mamie;The Dark Horse; Fortress

Dan yoakam |

Connectedness of the spirit

Sometimes comedically, sometimes seriously, grisham's story relates the connectedness and triumph of the human spirit. initially, the characters and the community struggle with the krank's decision to skip christmas. eventually, though, all the characters come together in unity of purpose to celebrate christmas. if you laugh, reflect, and take some time to allow christmas too come into your heart, you'll be glad you read the book.

R. evans |

The moneychangers -- excellent read

Loved the book and the movie and just got a copy of it off of this was one of the original miniseries and it had a star studded cast in the movie. it revolves around the banking industry, involves the mob and affairs with high classed prostitution. blackmailing is involved. it's a hard book to put down once you start it.

Trevor davies |

It was mind blowing

I was very interested in the way he put two sides of the story .about the german and english pilots point , and there way of dealing with different way in there coping with what was going on in and around the cockpit very good book thank you