Brand : conrad richter / marjorie housepian / carbett thigpen m.d. & hervey cleckley m.d. / pearl buck / don whitehead / jan hartog

Reader's Digest Condensed Books Volume 3-1957 (the lady / a houseful of love / the three faces of eve / letter from peking / the fbi story / mission to borneo, volume 3)

Abbysmom72 |

Another great read by john grisham!

This is another great book by mr. grisham. he never comes through with a great story and believeable characters. hard to put down the book most of the time.

Richard cate |

Best novel of the british night saturation rids on germany i have ever found

Deighton interweaves the lives of the germans and british, civilians and military in a single mythical nights raid. it is compelling.

P. golden |

A typical michael crichton

This non-medical novel carried the detail i expect to find in a book by this author. good suspense until the's a good read.