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Reality [Blu-ray]

Gary |

Work of genius

Absolutely incredible film. i'm astonished it's not a bigger hit. a great satire of reality tv culture. based in a true story. starring someone who was on work-release from jail where he was residing for having committed double murder. many films are shot in one take with a roaming camera. meticulously directed with the passion of a genius. love this film.

Declan macmanus |

Glad i stumbled upon this

I found this dvd by chance at the local movie store by my house. i actually picked it up because of the cover artwork but the plot sounded interesting so i rented it. after watching it, i can tell you this film is now one of my favorites. it really taught me about italian culture and it ended up being one of the most entertaining films i've had the pleasure of seeing. i have now bought it on amazon and encourage you all to do the same! i hope you choose to watch it, as it really is a spectacular film.

Whitt patrick pond |

A marvelous - and darkly unsettling - tale of 'reality'

Matteo garrone's reality - winner of the grand prix award at the 2012 cannes film festival - is a marvelous piece of work. it is also, however, difficult to describe. the trailers for reality, in my opinion, tend to give the wrong impression, that it is a comedy or a satirical send-up of reality shows. but while there are comedic moments in the film, particularly in the earlier parts, as the story progresses it draws you deeper and deeper into some dark territory, but it does it so gradually and seductively that even as your feelings of unease begin to rise, you cannot bring yourself to look away. the closest comparison i can make is to think of it as a combination of a dark twin-piece to 1998's the truman show, except that here the protagonist is outside looking in, and josef von sternberg's 1930 masterpiece the blue angel (der blaue engel). set in the current day, luciano (aneillo arena) is a likeable everyday guy in naples. he has a good life, a loving family, and while he's not rich, he manages to get by with his regular job as a fishmonger and a little scam he runs on the side ripping off pasta-makers from the manufacturer and selling them on the black market. life is good... until one day, out of the blue, he gets a chance to try out for grande fratello, the italian version of the tv show big brother. and thus begins his seduction by the prospect of becoming a celebrity. highly, highly recommended.