Brand : Joe Cross

Reboot with Joe: Plant-Based Recipes to Supercharge Your Life

B. larrick |

Very good recipe book

I enjoy many of these recipes with my juicer. i wish that you could get more info on his journey. the movie makes it look like not much to with doctors or suffering. a few references but not many.

Desertdancer |

If you don't have your health...

You have nothing. and the older you get, the more clear it becomes how true that statement is. like so many others, after watching "fat, sick & nearly dead", i ordered this and several other juicing books. joe makes it easy, provides support..and good info. (oh! you're supposed to peel beets before juicing??!!! no wonder that juice tasted like dirt!!!). i haven't got it right yet, let alone perfect...but this definitely helps while i try to get healthier.

Ming |

Chose to do the reboot after reading this book

Gives lots of information on how and why. i need to lose 50 pounds. i've lost 11 pounds in 8 days. it works.