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Reckoning: Part 2

Dag |

The best

Stargate sg-1 is probably the best of best sci-fi series ever produced. i can watch these episodes all day long and all night long for that matter. there was star trek which was the 'one' to watch then came along stargate sg-1 and these episodes surpasses any star trek ever made, they (sg-1) were directed by a 'genius' (in my opinion) and the timing is perfect. these are edge sitting, nail biting episodes that never let you down. five stars is not enough in my opinion. i have all episodes in my dvd library and treasure them the most of all. the only movie that comes close to these superbly produced 'tv movies' is the matrix which, in my opinion, is one of the best mind blowing, brain teasing movie produced so far. of course there are many other movies i treasure and have in my 'library' but stargate still remains my favorite series to date. well, you probably realized by now that i am a fan of sg-1 so my opinions my be a bit bias but rightly so. as for the quality of the streaming of these episodes is 'high quality' (not hi-def but pretty close) i have netflix and the quality of their streaming is amazing and amazon streaming is equal, if not better, then netflix (so far). i recommend getting amazon prime for streaming tv episodes and movies to your 'smart' device. since i have amazon prime i'm cancelling hulu-plus, i can do without their commercial interruptions, all i require is amazon prime and netflix (for now), i may even cancel my cable company's overpriced services (can you believe those prices they charge, i'm paying about a 'car' payment per month for their services, ugh!). 'nough said dag

Doc savage |

How many times do we have to save the planet!?

I watched this entire series, but finally purchasing the dvd's at a greatly reduced price now. good quality dvd's. this is nearing the end of the series as in this season colonel o'neil becomes general hammond's replacement. dr weir goes on to the other sci-fi series spinoff. i know the show seemed to be losing it's appeal and i really enjoyed don s davis character of general hammond and i also miss the woman (can't remember the actor's name) of dr. fraser. although i think she was killed off a few seasons ago.

En trance |

Only 1 stinker in the lot; otherwise, a great season 8!

This season was a very solid year for sg-1, and with the exception of the real dud, avatar, where teal'c gets stuck in a virtual reality device (oh, my, how many times have we had this storyline beaten to death in the sci-fi world), i enjoyed every episode. we had a healthy dose of humor injected episodes: affinity, prometheus unbound, zero hour, and citizen joe. we had some team altering dramatics, including yet another death to an sg member. we had the return of old enemies (anubis) and some new ones (the replicator carter). and we also got an incredible finish of 5 startling epsidodes to end the season. the edited threads was quite annoying, and i believe that all future box sets coming out in 2006 will have the corrected version. while watching the shortened one, you definitely get the sense that you are missing some key elements of the story, and it ends too soon. i am not sure whose bright idea it was to shorten it. i think that the high quality of the scripts and dramatic episodes helped take your mind of the loss of screen time for richard dean anderson. his moments in the series though, were key, and his presence was well known. even with less lines, he always managed to throw in his dry wit, especially to baal in the reckoning two parter. all in all, if you can finally get your corrected threads, either by mail, exchanging your other one at the store, or waiting for the newest sets to come out, you will have one very enjoyable year of sg-1 on your hands.