Brand : Denzel Washington

Remember the Titans (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Darwin raudales |


I watch this movie everytime i need a lift-up. i highly recommend it because it includes a great story and the casting could not be better. unlike most of the current motion pictures, this story is about courage, humillity and looking at others for what they have inside instead of what they look like. it's a story that can teach us that if we work together as one, everything can be accomplished. you definitely must watch it!

Quality control |

Such a great movie!

This is one of the best football movies ever made. if you haven't seen it, you are in for a real treat. the dvd shipped quickly and was in perfect condition. buy it and enjoy!

Christmas movie buff |

Left side, strong side!!!!

Mann what can be said for such an inspiring movie. i have owned this movie for a couple years now and can honestly say it is watched no less than 20 times a year. this movie clearly illustrates things will change can be accepted by those who work hard for it... and how the younger generation can make it happen. this movie is acceptable in every kind of way...the actors/acting ability, the plots, and oh the music used during periods of the movie is brilliant, i even own the music dvd and keep it with me wherever i go! i highly recommend them both. left side, strong side!! watch the movie you'll get it.