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Revenge of the Green Dragons [Blu-ray] by Lionsgate

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Great action movie, story is based on true events.

Martin scorses makes great action movies. great story, acting. definitely a must see. gangs will use recruits as a sacrificial lamb such as taking down rival gangs, and betray gang members, to achieve what they want. ray liotta plays a minor role in the movie but he has the star power that made me want to watch the movie.

Persnickity buyer |

Great movie

Great movie. the actors were good, the story was somewhat predictable but the end three me for a loop. very happy j watched dmd would highly reckoned to others.

Tre |

Strange - based on a true story - we all need a touch of history!

Very interesting - too much fowl language. the ending was very ironic. i did not see the ending coming. it was sad.