Brand : Gloria Steinem

Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem

L. l. |

Revolution from within

Excellent history of the rise, and unfortunate, setbacks of women's rights today. ms steinem takes us back to where we were, with a great history lesson. she explains how we're losing some of the fight that got us here..a reminder, we still have a long way to go before women are seen as equal human beings not "property. i'd recommend this for both men and women, especially today's young women who may not realize how hard many of us (older women) fought for the rights we have, and to keep fighting, before we lose our gains. it begins with each of us reaching out to other women.

Ras |

A classic, wonderful and empowering!

My name is collette aka coco mojo and i purchase books on amazon. this is a wonderful book, a breath of fresh air, and it has helped save my sanity in a world in which women are seen as weaker, frivolous, nurturing but not powerful, second-best and second-class in every way. steinem totally exposes the lie that is sexism! i especially resonate with her views on gender, which is what i myself intuited even as a child, from a very young age. i intuited that it is unnatural and harmful to both sexes for our social system to dichotomize and polarize human qualities and to label some of them "masculine" (male) and others "feminine" (female)-- and then to devalue the latter, on top of that! as a child, i knew this, even though i had nobody at all to validate me and my ideas, which i began to articulate at the ripe old age of eleven. nobody understood me back then...i only wish i'd had steinem around when i was a lonely child, but i'm glad to have her now, at least! she speaks to me through her priceless book/s (i now know that i am far from alone in my views, which i had no way of knowing at age eleven! for all i knew then, i was the only one in the world who thought this way!). thank you gloria for your empowering words of wisdom, and i encourage all of us to think our way through the lies we are told! question "authority," challenge the status-quo, and keep on truckin'! :)

Danna l. castillo |

The book i need

I wish i would have had this book years ago! i am a 35 year-old woman and have had self esteem issues all my life. i have read different self help books, but only ms. steinem's book was something that i could relate to in my own life. i used a high lighter pen to high light some of the more helpful passages in the book and i must have highlighted 50% of the book. this book is something that i will refer to often when i need a little emotinal pick-me-up. it is the first time that i haven't felt so alone in the way i have felt in my life. thank you gloria steinem!