Brand : Dick Morris

Rewriting History


Make up your own mind

There are few completely polarzing figures in this world... and hillary is one of them. i'm astounded by the number of reviewers of this book that clearly have not read it -- but instead base their opinions of the book entirely on thier views of hillary and willingness to defend or attack her. perhaps i'll be the first to admit that i have not read the book, but i've read other books by this author and i have faith that this book will be as well thought out and well researched.

Nanjo nepgiht |

For anyone who thinks hillary should be president...

For anyone who thinks hillary should be our next president, i highly recommend reading this book. for anyone who thinks hillary doesn't need to be also need to read it! dick morris was an insider, he knows and writes the truth! do you want to know the truth or do you choose to ignore it?

Zed |

Loved the book

Dick morris really knows hillary clinton very well. this book gave me a lot of information that i previously didn't know and was surprised at the volume on material on hand. loved the book. if you want to know hillary this is the one. thanx zar