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Richard III; Martyr or Monster? The Shocking Truth behind Shakespeare's Bloody Tyrant

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Those who feel that the history written by tudor's official biographers is correct will dislike the film. those who have dug deeper, who have read of richard's incredible benevolence, refusing gifts from ordinary people while on progress (which was the custom of the time), his administration of the north of england which led to such love of him that they never accepted henry tudor (the city of york in particular), and his carrying out of duties assigned him by his brother edward iv, including being named protector of his nephews and the likelihood that tudor, in fact, murdered them...all will appreciate this film. in other words, anyone who has been able to research further and have been astounded by what they found, like me, will appreciate this very much. those who simply accept the works of lazy historians (e.g. alison weir and others) will not appreciate it. richard was certainly not hated during his rule. even vergil, tudor's official biographer, never stayed any such thing - nor did tudor ever accuse richard of murdering his nephews.

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I enjoyed watching this dvd

I enjoyed watching this dvd, i'm still trying to get a dvd that i saw on tv. not sure if it was pbs or the history channel. it had to do with uncovering the body & testing to see if it was richard iii. i found the tape but it noted that it might not play on our dvd. i put it on my wish list in case it's ever available in us.