Brand : Sticky Pig

Road Runner Wile E. Coyote vynil car sticker 4" x 5"

D bauer |

Nice product at a good cost

Nice product at a good cost. not as good as the original 1969 roadrunner, but for this purpose, i didn't need it to be.

Stoney |

I love all of my old favorite cartoons so how can ...

I love all of my old favorite cartoons so how can you go wrong with remembering them with a sticker i buy those magnets that are stickers for business cards and you peal the business card sticker and apply it to the cartoon sticker that way you save the cartoon sticker for later if you want and after you apply the business card sticker you then cut off the remaining parts of the business card so that everything is cut to match each other now you have a cartoon sticker that you can use as a magnet for your refrigerator i have my entire refrigerator full of stickers that if i move i can take with me or rearrange when ever i feel like and a pretty cool looking refrigerator so thanks for the sticker.